How to order

Could you please inform us of the informaiton as follows in sending order-mail?
As you send us order-mail, please give a subject per message as [Order] to prevent them from been recognized as junk mails!!

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The item number :
The price :
Your name :
Your address :
City :
Postal code :
Destination Country :
Telephone number :
Fax number:
Your e-mail address :
Payment method :

Please make sure the e-mail address again.
You can Choose wire transfer or Credit card.

I'd like to keep the item in a week.
I'd hope that you will reply me at yourearliest convinience.

You are kindly requested to pay for Bank transfer fee.
Please ask your banker to remit full price in our account.

It costs the shipping to send to overseas country.
I am very sorry that we cannot take any responsibility against shipping accidents and troubles.
(We have never had any troubles for over 30 years.)
If you really worry about it, please insure over the cargo on your side.
I will send you our items after your confirmation.